What are your Options for moving from Release 11i to 12 ?
Technical Upgrade

  • Long preparation and testing time (usually 5-9 months or more)
  • Lots of patches with pre and post requisite patches
  • More than 200,000+ scripts to runMany of the CEMLI’s will break, some will never work again
  • Business processes need to be frozen
  • Significant downtime on production server (at least 5 days)


  • Target must be set up in the correct dependency sequence per module, as the Source
  • All seeded data needs to be identified; many of the screens won’t work in the Target
  • Lengthy process and quite costly
  • Not favoured by most organizations

Now Comes Rapid Upgrade
An intelligent solution that takes away all the pain from your Upgrade process. A solution based on the concept of
ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) but for all your Configurations, Master Data and Transactions. The process works as follows:

  • Extract all configurations, data and transactions from the 11i instance
  • The same can be done for a group of Operating Units or one OU at a time
  • Transform everything to Release 12 format. Transform also allows changes to Chart of Account structure & split/merge of Business Units
  • Make any further changes and when ready
  • Load everything into a fresh R12 instance
  • All this while users continue to use the 11i instance without any disruption

The Result
A significantly cleaner, quicker Upgrade with Zero downtime. Flexible approach that allows movement as per convenience
with minimal impact to business.
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